Summer Class

Maybe I should have picked an easier summer class.  I have approximately 7 assignments per week plus lectures.  This wouldn’t be TOO terrible if I wasn’t working 40 hours a week.   I think I’ll be able to get it done considering that I have no friends here to distract me and no where to really go besides work and dentist/optometrist appointments.  And I really want an A in this class so that my GPA will go up.  I’ll have babysitting on Saturday nights too.  I’ll be able to read a shit ton of books while doing this.  HOPEFULLY (I think I overuse this word) I’ll get my A and enough money to buy all my electronics for college.  And maybe learn something about Asian history.  I’ll be a very busy little bee this summer.  

I Like Getting Texts

Its just some days are really freaking hard to hold conversations with people because you can’t hear the inflection they put on words.  Or see the way their face looks.  Or you can’t quite get a feeling of what kind of mood they are in. 

Or some days, all they want to do is text and I’m sitting here like, calc will not get done if we have a 3 hour long conversation about your dream last night.  I read somewhere that it takes about 15 minutes for a person’s brain to get back into the mindset to work after sending a text message or tweeting something or checking facebook.  That means that having a conversation while doing my homework is not really going to work.  I can find you in half an hour and you can tell me in person about your 5 minute dream.  This will work better because we both won’t be busy.  

If I’m sitting by myself and bored, I would love to hold a conversation with you over text.  If I’m not with someone else, I would love to give my device that can electronically send and receive words to your device my undivided attention.  But my 9:30 physics class doesn’t want me to do that.  

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